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About Marshian Movers

We are a family owned moving company that takes pride in making our customers feel apart of our family. Tanner Marsh and his father, Gary, was given an opportunity to start something together. From the first jobs where it was just father and son to now having crews in two different cities, our goal has always been the same. One of the reason we have a 5 star rating on google. This shows that we put in the extra effort to make this stressful time easy for you. Our mission is to finish every move leaving our customers happy and their belongings damage free.  


Our moving process

Our crews are lead by one of our trained leads who have been through numerous of experienced moves. They have also been informed of the quality of customer service we take pride in. When doing a move we make sure that every step of the way is a consistent process. I guys coming, they immediately start to break down beds, appliances, shades off of lamps, and anything else that needs to be disassembled. We then start the wrapping process. This is when the crew takes the time to make sure the furniture is carefully covered with plastic wrap for protection during the move. Our crew then starts the loading process. Doing this steps in order make sure that everything is protected and loaded in a proper spot. During the loading process we continue to load wall by wall while tying a rope to secure each section. After thousands of moves we guarantee the Marshian Movers way has been perfected to make sure everything is safe. 


Breaking down

During this process we bring out the tools and start to break down anything that needs to be disassembled. 

Furniture Covers


During this process we start to wrap the furniture and anything that needs to be protected. We will supply blankets to cover possessions with plastic wrap holding everything tight. 

Loading Process

During this process we already have everything wrapped and disassembled. We start to load everything in the proper positions so there will be no damage. Additional blankets will be used. 

Boxes in a Truck


We are getting to the end! This is when we start to unload and put everything in place to your liking. We unwrap and assemble what was already broken down. 

Moving Truck

Free quote today. 

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